The British Diving Safety Group (BDSG) was formed in 2002 to bring together, at regular intervals, organisations and agencies with an involvement in recreational Scuba Diving and related support activities, to share best practice in order to improve diving safety and consider related issues.
The BDSG is made up of organisations which regularly meet in order to work towards a common goal; to make diving safer. By sharing and analysing incident data, devising safety initiatives and then promoting them to divers, the group has a broad influence on the recreational diving community.
It is chaired by the RNLI. The group has broad representation, with all of the UK diver training agencies, the HSE and the MCA having a seat at the table.
The comprehensive nature of the BDSG, reflecting as it does all of the significant interests in the British sport diving scene means that it is uniquely positioned to significantly influence diving safety.
Information and safety documents can be found here: